Clare Cooley:
"Life is a voyage into the mystery of self. The further we journey into our magical interior, the more treasures we find there to share with the world."

"The day was one of the most relaxing days I have had ever since I was in my mother's womb. From start to finish, the day was a treat."
   – Elise Lam, Investigator for Starbucks

"The retreat was much more than heaven. It is a place to unwind, clear your head, meet new people, connect...the hostesses, sanctuary, view, food...all phenomenal, thank you!"
   – Evelyn Chan

"I looked at Clare's face and saw a softness that made me soften. She is the nurturing mother, the one that so few of us knew. To offer safety and softness is to be soothed, how rare an experience."
   – Julie Arvan

"Clare Cooley's retreat was amazing, a sanctuary... the experience unforgettable. You are pampered in the most comfortable environment."
   – Lily Wong

"The Dancing Crane Retreat helped heal the wounds of everyday life."
   – Grace Kim

"Clare Cooley has a gift for creating inspiring and healing environments."
   – Glenda Arostegui

"I have not had as much fun since kindergarten."
   – Arlene Hoffman, M.D.

"Clare is such a balanced woman, with gender and humanity, with work and creativity, with challenge and compassion, that I would trust her in anything she asked of me."
   – Mike Smith

"Clare Cooley is exceptional. She said, 'If I can have four hours with anyone who says they are not creative I can get them in touch with their creaivity.' You've proven it true! I came wondering what I was doing there and I found compassion, inspiration, and a safe place to explore and express myself."
   – Sharon Dawn

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