Welcome to a magical world rich in creative
reverie—Clare Cooley’s world: The Peaceful
Sanctuary of the Dancing Crane.

Connect with someone who courageously lives
a creative life, expressing her dreams, working
from the heart with people she cares about,
inspired by a purpose that makes life fulfilling
—increasing peace, starting with one’s self…

Clare Cooley:
"Most say they feel peaceful when they experience
my art. Serene is how I feel while doing my work
which is contemplating nature.The intention of
my work is to increase peace in the world
…starting with me."

"Clare Cooley’s matchless nest for nurturing participants
is only surpassed by her mastery of myriad modes
of creative expression."

   – Jonathan Rice
       Co-Founder KQED Public Television, SF California

"An extraordinarily diverse artist, writer, dancer, musician
who has walked to the beat of her own drum all her life,
Clare Cooley is as inventive and original in her
teaching as she is in her life."

   – Patricia Lynn Thorndike
       Owner, Spirit House Retreat Center, Woodacre, California

"A visionary artist, Clare Cooley expresses her lovely
vision in everything she touches, says, and does."

   – Walter Landor
       Founder, Landor & Associates International Design, SF California

"Clare Cooley’s life is art and her art is life."
   – Glenda Arostegui
       Instructional Assistant, Woodside High School, California

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