Welcome to a sampling of Clare Cooley’s originality, born from her own story, sensibility, perspective, talents, and desire to share with the world a gift that she has been given--appreciation for natural beauty.

Boundless in artistic accomplishments, Clare Cooley designed and built her studio on seven levels on the slopes of Mount Tamalpais north of the Golden Gate Bridge
"Natural beauty has inspired me to paint everything from insects to outer-space."
    – Clare Cooley
overlooking wilderness and the San Francisco Bay. The setting, architecture, and appointments of the Peaceful Sanctuary of the Dancing Crane are awe-inspiring! The sanctuary contains hundreds of Clare Cooley’s paintings, prints, objects of art, exquisitely functional home furnishings, lighting, and hand painted art to wear. At times Clare Cooley collaborated with other artists, as she did with her sister Eliza Wilson, who hand threw the set of crane dishes. Clare Cooley designed and hand carved each of the 202 pieces in the set with it’s own unique design.

Besides creating everything one needs to function and enjoy home, work, or sanctuary Clare Cooley also writes, plays flute, sings, skate dances, directs, and has been teaching for 25 years. Currently she guides Dancing Crane Retreats in inspirational settings.

The unifying purpose of all that Clare Cooley does is to open hearts, celebrate community, and foster creative reverie. She does this by sharing her artistic essence through her many artistic expressions and in collaborative performance art--all as a contemplative practice.

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