"The creative process continually grows and changes."
     –– Clare Cooley

North Beach Festival
At the 50th anniversay of the North Beach Festival at the poet's stage Clare did her first multi-media performance. She pre-recorded two poetic prose stories and two poems to which she skate-danced in front of the stage. On the stage was Clare's painting, "The Eye of the Whale." Steve Nocodum played live didgeridoo on the stage next to the easel with the painting. Clare's 13-year-old son Bodhi and her 24-year-old nephew Erik with their two friends held bamboo poles with transparent water fabric around her skate-dance performance. She whirled in a full-length mauve chiffon dress that billowed like a jellyfish in the surf. In between the first and second dances she changed into the drop of water dress made of a silver fabric that moved like liquid mercury as she was tossed around by the waves. Clare's pre-recorded voice reading her poetic prose stories and poems mixed with water sounds was the sound track for the dance. Combining the word, movement, music, art and set design made this performance rich and universal. Clare's performance inspired the largest audience of the two days and was the producers' and other poets' favorite.

1. "The Eye of the Whale" – a story about being 5 years old and looking into a whale's eye.
2. "Drop of Water Dance" – a story about being washed out to sea by a rogue wave and returned to shore.
3. "Isadora's Dance (hurricane)" – a poem about being on Isle Mujures through hurricance Isadora.
4. "Water of Kindness" – Clare read this poem live.

Please check back for video of the performance will be coming soon.

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