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Gallery Prints
Believing that everyone should have access to fine art, Clare Cooley is offering these beautifully accurate, vibrant, and affordable prints from her extensive portfolio. These prints are astoundingly accurate to the original art in color and detail. This is because Clare Cooley has selected a quality printing technique that is rated by the industry to last up to 200 years without fading or yellowing when framed under UV filter glass or UV filter Plexiglas (92 years framed under regular glass or regular Plexiglas – ratings are based on no direct sunlight on image). Select from 77 images in Clare Cooley’s 7 galleries-- Modern, Landscape, Wildlife, Floral, Cranes, Architectural, or Outer Space. Prints come in a 100% acid free archival glassine sleeve, within a protective hard box 14" x 20" x 1" (inches) which can be sent UPS or US Postal..

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